Acme Lists is the Simple yet Powerful Lists Management application for iPhone & iPod Touch. From To-Do lists to Shopping Lists, jot down all your ideas without navigating through endless options

Lists can contain other lists of items, share your lists by email or "bump" them to another device over BlueTooth and WiFi. Create and edit your lists with a full-sized keyboard in any Web Browser on the same LAN. Context-sensitive help balloons provide quick guidance, and built-in documentation helps you take advantage of all the features in this mighty App.

Simple yet Powerful

  • Hierarchical Lists.
  • Tap an item to scratch or unscratch it.
  • Sort scratched items to the bottom of the list to get them out of the way, or hide scratch items.
  • Auto-adjust font sizing for items too long to display
  • Contextual Help balloons help you to learn the App.
  • Choose from dozens of background textures to personalize the lists.

Kick-Ass Advanced Features

  • Built-in Web Server for editing lists from any Web Browser over a LAN. (watch video @
  • Drag-n-Drop lists or your Pasteboard to nearby devices running a copy of Acme Lists (version 2.0+).
  • Exchange Pasteboard contents between your device and computer.
  • Email lists and directly import lists you receive by email.
...This is a fantastic app! I was a little afraid to upgrade [to version 2.0] because I liked it so much before, but the upgrades are great. I love how you can 'scratch' items off so easily and then unscratch them off so easily. I have several lists, but I have one list I use over and over each day. This program is WONDERFUL and easy to use. The new options are great and I'm anxious to send a list to another ipod owner who I will encourage to get this program...

...Easy no nonsense straight to the point app. I don't need a bunch of bells and whistles just a list app that can make multiple lists with ease. If you're like me then this app is for you. Great job creator!...

...I have been looking for this app, it keeps multiple To Do lists in an easy to manage app. I love it!! Nice touch with the comment bubbles!

...this is a simple app that plays nicely in this world. tried a few others and they were too complicated.acme lists are as complicated as I ever want a list maker to be. but if u could add voice recognition it would be killer.

...Uploaded 2 hours ago and passed. Sending mail lists is a definite plus, and the ability to create their lists directly from the computer is handy for long lists (lists of students to appeal ...). If the list exists on the computer A simple copy and paste it from the iPhone.