Overlay text on your wallpaper (Lock-Screen) images. Improve the chances of getting a lost iPhone, iPod or iPad returned to you by adding an alternate phone number and/or email address to your Lockscreen wallpaper images. Your text is visible even when a passcode is required to unlock.

With LockScreen Text you can select saved images from your Photos App or use the iPhone camera to snap a new picture, then apply customizable text to the image. Images can be resized and cropped; overlay text can be customized by font, font size and font color settings as well as rotating the text.

Universal App for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

Overlay Text on Any Image

  • Multiple lines of text
  • Customize font, font size and color
  • Add drop shadows to the text
  • Crops images

Intuitive Design

  • Use familiar iPhone pinch/zoom/drag gestures.
  • Save edited images to your Photo Album or email to a friend.
  • Remembers last edited image

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Wallpaper Lockscreen Text for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

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